United Methodist Reconciling Congregations Are:

UNITED METHODIST churches and groups which adopt public statements welcoming all persons as full participants in their church life, regardless of sexual orientation. Reconciling Congregations then strive to realize this welcome statement in their ministries.

DIVERSE COMMUNITIES which are large and small; urban, surburban, rural; young and old; many races and cultures.

A NATIONAL NETWORK of churches, groups and individuals which support each other in carrying out their Christian ministry of witness and outreach.

PROCLAIMING AND LIVING OUT the simple, powerful message of hospitality and love revealed by Jesus Christ. This growing, grass roots movement is transforming the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Since 1984, the Reconciling Congregation movement has grown to more than 130 Reconciling Congregations, Campus Ministries and Annual Conferences. It also encompasses over 10,000 Reconciling United Methodists who publicly witness to "open the doors" of the church to the participation of all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

JOIN US in this vital Christian movement that seeks to fulfill the Biblical teaching that we are to LOVE God and our neighbor as ourselves and to do JUSTICE.

You can also visit the Minnesota Reconciling Congregations page on facebook.